From Dunkerque to Bergen Belsen

27 10 2010

In June 1944 the Allied forces landed in occupied France at the largest amphibious operation in the history, and Operation Overlord was initiated to liberate Europe from the Germans.
I have since I learned about this war had a great interest in it, and mainly about the technical part of it, as in equipment etc. I really enjoy to read and learn about everything else about it as well, but it’s always been about the war birds, tanks, guns, uniforms and the proud ships of World War 2. I knew that Europe is full of World War history, therefore we planned a WW2 Theme session in Europe that started in Dunkerque and ended in Celle visiting the KZ Bergen Belsen.

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Caves of Brufjell

25 10 2010

The largest cave in the chasm

Never do you experience the coastline in the same way, as when you go close by boat. Some places along the Norwegian coastline are inaccessible from the road, which makes it hard to find the nice places to visit. Local knowledge or reading brochures is probably the best way, or of course.. google.

We where heading back from a weekend in Flekkefjord with Akvaria, the sailboat Im sailing with. When we passed Åna Sira I spotted som caves with people in or around them, it did at the moment look really interesting and I decided to dig for more info. It turned out to be the caves of Brufjell, which I some day would have to visit.

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Convoy Cup – Honouring those who served.

27 07 2010

Early this year I saw the opportunity to join a longer sailing trip than I was used to, crossing an ocean. After a few phone calls I got myself a “bunk” at a ship that was sailing the Convoy Cup 2010, and this regatta proved to be more than just a sailing trip.

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Magnificant moments…

11 02 2010
They say “early bird gets worm”, and somehow I find this saying suitable for a good morning photo session. For me, the goal for a good photo session is to capture the best moments and scenes, combined with an interesting, exiting and good walk or trip, and a good portion of fresh air. I have now learned that finding the best place and time to capture the best picture is crucial for optimal results or getting the pictures that really satisfies.

Early morning at the top of Synesvarden, Jæren.

“The Golden Hour”

My good friend and photo session buddy “Bob” first told me about  “The Golden Hour” a few years ago. It is defined as the first and the last hour of  sunlight during the day, also called the “Magic hour”.  In this hour you can get the most amazing pictures if you find a good spot and the light conditions are right. Amazing colors and shadows can occur, that  you usually wont see or get during the day when sun are high and the light is hard, I’ve also learned that the bright sun isn’t always the best light for good pictures. Even thought the morning sun aren’t always available due to weather conditions, and since it’s normally work hours, the weekends with clear and cold weather is for me the preferred time for session and also where I can get the best magic moments….
I believe I’m not the only one who experience the problem with exposure on background and foreground. The foreground is often dark against a light background, often the sky. When shooting the picture the camera will often underexposed the areas in the picture that is dark to get a good exposure on the light areas, and this is just the way it is. Therefore getting a good exposure is important, but as it is with digital photography, a lot of the work is done one the computer.

King of Spitfires

6 08 2009
The nose of the 5 blade propeller spitfire in the hangar before flight.

The nose of the 5 blade propeller spitfire in the hangar before flight.

Ive been at many airshows and seen many fighters, but there are always two aircraft’s steeling the show every time, and that’s the Submarine Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang. At the last airshow I was lucky enough to get really close to the King Of Spitfire (my opinion) the Supermarine Spitfire FRXVIIIE. With the sound from the powerful griffon engine, the 5 blade propeller and its unique canopy makes it the most beautiful spitfire of them all.

I have also seen the Submarine 389 Spitfire PR19 with two coaxial 3 blade propellers, its an awesome aircraft, looks and sounds great. Watch it here, a rather bad picture trom my treklens page.

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Life of Sailing

6 05 2009
Entering Strands fjorden late friday og our way into Flekkefjord

Entering Strands fjorden late friday on our way into Flekkefjord

I have in the last year discovered how magnificent sailing can be and I have really learned to enjoy it. Since I was a “kid” I’ve been dreaming about being on a cruiser where the wind was driving us in good speed forward, and now the last year I’ve been discovering what it’s really all about.

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Greenland travelogue,majestic iceberg tour.

2 09 2008

Have you ever been on Greenland? I had not either, until August 2008. We did plan the trip for almost 8 months, and finally August 24. 2008 we boarded our flight to Greenland through Copenhagen.

This ruggy iceberg have started its journy south from the Icefiord.

This ruggy iceberg have started its journy south from the Icefiord. The picture is shot with a Canon EOS40D and Canon EF-S 10-22 at 22mm, and slightly underexposed.

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